List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Dumas, Texas

#Street Name
11st Pl
22nd Pl
33rd Pl
48th St
5Amherst Ave
6Armstrong Ave
7Arroya Rd
8Avey St
9Bailey Ave
10Beck Rd
11Beer Can Alley
12Bellaire Ave
13Belmont Dr
14Bennett Dr
15Beverly Dr
16Binkley Ave
17Birch Ave
18Blue West Rd
20Bradley Ln
21Brickey Ave
22Brickey Rd
23Bruce Ave
24Buddy Kline Rd
25Burnet Rd
26Burnett Rd
27Calle De Oro Rd
28Carbon Black Rd
29Carson Ave
30Cedar Ave
31Charlya Dr
32Chelsea Ave
33Cherry Ave
34Chuckwagon Rd
35Church Ln
36Cig Rd
37Cluck Rd
38Comanche Ln
39Country Club Rd
40 Country Club Terrace
41County Line Rd
42Countyline Rd
43Crow Ln
44Crump Ave
45Dallam Ave
46Debra Ln
47Denson Rd
48Denton Ave
49Don Mitchell
50Don Mitchell Ln
51Durrett Ave
52E 10th St
53E 11th St
54E 12th St
55E 13th St
56E 14th St
57E 16th St
58E 17th St
59E 18th St
60E 19th St
61E 7th St
62E 8th St
63E 9th St
64E Road L
65E Road M
66El Paso Ave
67Elizabeth St
68Elm Ave
69Floyd Ave
70Forrest Dr
71Fox Ave
72Frankie Ln
73Frankie St
74Gaines Ave
75Geary Rd
76Gilliespies Rd
77Greenway Dr
78Harris Ln
79Hastings Dr
80 Helium Plant Rd
81Helium Rd
82Hickory Ave
83High Pockets Rd
85Huff Rd
86Hutchinson Ave
87Inca Dr
88Jeffrey Ln
89Jennifer Ln
90Julie Dr
91Laguna St
92Lena Ln
93Lewis Ave
94Lollis Dr
95Masterson Rd
96Mc Clary Ln
97Mcclary Ln
98Mcclary Rd
99Mcmurry Ave
100Mcpherson Ave
101Meat Market Rd
102Melinda Ln
103Mendi Ln
104Michael Ave
105Middle Wells Schoold
106Middlewell Rd
107Miels Rd
108Miles Rd
109Miller Ave
110Mills Ave
111Mohawk Dr
112Morton Ave
113Mulberry Dr
114N 5th St
115N 6th St
116N 7th St
117N 8th St
118N Birge Ave
119N Bliss Ave
120N Con Rd
121N County Line Rd
122N Dumas Ave
123N Hunt Rd
124N Klein Ave
125N Loop Rd
126N Maddox Ave
127N Meredith Ave
128N Palo Duro Rd
129N Porter Ave
130N Twichell Ave
131Navajo Trail
132Ne 10th St
133Ne 11th St
134Ne 12th St
135Ne 5th St
136Ne 6th St
137Ne 8th St
138Ne 9th St
139Nitrate Rd
140Norma St
141Normandy St
142O'tanger Ln
143Oak Ave
144Otanger St
145Park Dr
146Pasture Rd
147Peach Ave
148Pear Ave
149Pecan Ave
150Pendleton Rd
151Perry Rd
152Pheasant Run
153Phillips Dr
154Pine Ave
155Plum Ave
156Ponder Rd
157Powell Ave
158Rainbow Rd
159Ranch Road 1284
160Ranch Road 2202
161Ranch Road 2203
162Ranch Road 2589
163Ranch Road 721
164Ranch Road 722
165Regier Dr
166Research Rd
167Road 12
168Road 13
169Road 14
170Road 17
171Road 22
172Road 3
173Road 4
174Road 5
175Road 6
176Road 7
177Road 8
178Road G
179Road I
180Road J
181Road L
182Road Q
183Road R
184Road U
185Robin Rd
186S Beard Ave
187S Birge Ave
188S Bliss Ave
189S Buddy Kline Rd
190S Coon Rd
191S County Line Rd
192S Dumas Ave
193S Hunt Rd
194S Klein Ave
195S Maddox Ave
196S Meredith Ave
197S Porter Ave
198S Twichell Ave
199Santa Barbara Ave
200Schuman Rd
201Seminole St
202Shamrock Dr
203Spruce Ave
204Stallwitz Rd
205Stanford St
206Starkey Rd
207Stone Rd
208Sunset Ave
209Ted St
210Tom May Ln
211Travis St
212Trosper Ln
214Ute Ln
215W 10th St
216W 11th St
217W 12th St
218W 13th St
219W 14th St
220W 16th St
221W 17th St
222W 18th St
223W 6th St
224W 7th St
225W 8th St
226W 9th St
227W Rd E
228W Rd S
229W Road D
230W Road G
231W Road H
232W Road L
233W Road R
234W Road X
235Walnut St
236White Rd
237Willow Ave
238Wilson Ave
239Wynn St
240Zauk Ave
241Zofness Rd