List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Farmersville, Texas

#Street Name
18th St
29th St
3Abbey Ln
4Andrew Dr
5Audie Murphy Pkwy E
6Audie Murphy Pkwy W
7Audie Murphy St
8Baker Ln
9Bar D Ln
10Beech St
11Beene St
12Benton Rd
13Bois D Arc St
14Brinegar Rd
15Bunny Trail
16Burden Ranch Estate
17Candy St
18Cedar Ridge Ct
19Central Ave
20Clairmont St
21Colina Creek Ct
22Colina Creek Dr
23College St
25Construction St
26Country Rd
27County Road 1014
28County Road 1024
29County Road 1025
30County Road 1026
31County Road 1027
32County Road 1044
33County Road 1045
34County Road 1046
35County Road 1047
36County Road 1048
37County Road 1049
38County Road 1051
39County Road 1053
40 County Road 1054
41County Road 1055
42County Road 1056
43County Road 1057
44County Road 1058
45County Road 1059
46County Road 1063
47County Road 1076
48County Road 1077
49County Road 1077
50County Road 1078
51County Road 1107
52County Road 1110
53County Road 1112
54County Road 1122
55County Road 1124
56County Road 1125
57County Road 1127
58County Road 1128
59County Road 1130
60County Road 2730
61County Road 2752
62County Road 2754
63County Road 550
64County Road 551
65County Road 552
66County Road 553
67County Road 554
68County Road 555
69County Road 556
70County Road 557
71County Road 558
72County Road 560
73County Road 565
74County Road 566
75County Road 567
76County Road 568
77County Road 569
78County Road 597
79County Road 598
80 County Road 599
81County Road 600
82County Road 601
83County Road 603
84County Road 604
85County Road 605
86County Road 606
87County Road 607
88County Road 608
89County Road 609
90County Road 610
91County Road 611
92County Road 613
93County Road 614
94County Road 615
95County Road 616
96County Road 617
97County Road 618
98County Road 620
99County Road 621
100County Road 644
101County Road 647
102County Road 648
103County Road 649
104County Road 650
105County Road 651
106County Road 653
107County Road 654
108County Road 655
109County Road 656
110County Road 657
111County Road 658
112County Road 659
113County Road 660
114County Road 661
115County Road 662
116County Road 663
117County Road 664
118County Road 665
119County Road 695
120County Road 696
121County Road 697
122County Road 698
123County Road 699
124County Road 700
125County Road 701
126County Road 702
127County Road 703
128County Road 704
129County Road 705
130County Road 811
131County Road 814
132County Road 815
133County Road 818
134County Road 820
135County Road 850
136Debbie Dr
137Deer Creek Ln
138E Abbey Ln
139E Santa Fe St
140Farmersville Pkwy
141Farr Hill Ln
142Ferguson Ave
143Floyd St
144Fm 2194
145Fm 547
146Forest Ave
147Gaddy St
148Gunsmoke Dr
149Haislip St
150Hale St
151Haughton St
152Henslee Hl
153Herron St
154Hill St
155Hillcrest Dr
156Jackson St
157Johnson Hill Ln
158Johnson Ln
159Jouette St
160Kaki Ln
161Lake Ave
162Lee Johnson Farm Rd
163Lee St
164Lemonade Ln
165Lester Burt Rd
166Locust St
167Lonesome Dove
168Maple St
169Mary Ann Rd
171Megans Way
172Meghann Ln
173Merit St
174Mimosa St
175Minnie Ln
176Mulberry St
177Murchison Ave
178Murchison St
179N Buckskin St
180N Hamilton St
181N Lincoln St
182N Main St
183N Rike St
184N Washington St
185Nathan Ln
186Neathery St
187Norview Pl
188Old Josephine Rd
189Old Mckinney Rd
190Olson Dr
191Orange Ave
192Orange St
193Papaw Rd
194Parkcrest Dr
195Pecan Acres Dr
196Pecan Creek Ct
197Pendleton St
198Prospect St
199Pvt Road 5187
200Pvt Road 5309
201Quiver Full Way
202Ranch Rd Cir
203Raymond St
204Red Oak Cir
205Redbud Dr
206Rolling Hills Cir
207Rolling Hills Ln
208Rosemary Dr
209S Buckskin St
210S Hamilton St
211S Johnson St
212S Main St
213S Rike St
214S Washington St
215Saunders Dr
216Sherry Ln
217Shinn Cir
218Sid Nelson St
219State Highway 78 N
220Stephen Ct
221Summit St
222Summitt St
223Sunrise Rd
224Sycamore St
225Thunderbird Trail
226Uland Ln
227W Hannah Dr
228W Santa Fe St
229Water St
231Welch Dr
232Westgate Dr
233Wilcoxson St
234Willow Ln
235Willow Tree Ln
236Winding River Cir
237Windom St
238Woodard St
239Wright St
240Yucca Ln