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List of Street Names with maps in Groves, Texas

#Street Name
146th St
2Adams Blvd
3Allison Ave
4Angie Ln
5Anselmo Ave
6Ash Ave
7Azalea Ave
8Baird St
9Bellaire Ave
10Berry Ave
11Bexley Ln
12Boyd Ave
13Brigitte Ct
15Browning St
16Bryan Ave
17Cambria Ln
18Camden Ln
19Capitol Blvd
20Carolina Ave
21Charles Ave
22Cherry St
23Clermont Ave
25Columbus St
26Cooley Ave
27Coolidge Blvd
28Cove Dr
29Craig Ave
30Crescent Dr
31Curt Dr
32Dave St
33David St
34Delilah Ct
35Dogwood St
37Doyle Ave
38Dunn Ave
39E Parkway St
40 Eastdale Dr
41Essex Ln
42Eugenia Ln
43Fadhli Ave
44Foster Ave
45Frances Ct
46Friar Tuck Ln
47Garfield Ave
48Garner St
49Gilbert Ave
50Glazer Ave
51Gonzales Ln
52Grant Ave
53Graves Ave
54Griffing Ct
55Groves Ave
56Hansen Blvd
57Hayman St
58Hays Ave
60Hickory Ave
61High Ave
62Howe St
63Jackson Blvd
64Jefferson St
65Joplin Ave
66Kelly Ln
67Kennedy Ln
68Kent Ave
69Kinard Ave
70Kleespies Ave
71Lackey Dr
72Lana Ln
73Lawndale Ave
74Lay Ave
75Leonard St
76Lincoln Ave
77Little John Ln
78Live Oak Cir
79Madison Blvd
80 Magnolia Ln
81Manchester Ln
83Marion Ave
84Marty St
85Mckinley Ave
86Milo Ave
87Mire St
88Mockingbird Ln
89Monroe Blvd
90N Link St
91Newton Ave
92Oak Ave
93Oleander Ln
94Owens Ave
95Park Ave
96Pearl Ave
97Perry Ave
98Plaza St
99Port Neches Rd
100Postoak Ln
101Reagan Ln
102Real Ave
103Real Blvd
104Real St
105Rose Ave
106Royal Ave
107Ruby Dr
108Russell Ave
109Ryann Ln
110S Link
111Sherwood Ln
112Short St
113Simpson Ave
114Sonnier Ln
115Staci Ln
116Stuart Ave
117Sue Ave
118Suncrest Cir
119Suncrest Dr
120Taylor Ave
121Val St
122Van Buren Blvd
123Van Buren St
124Verde St
125W Jefferson St
126W Madison Blvd
127W Terrell St
128Walnut Ave
129Warren St
130Whitaker Ave
131Whitby Ln
132Willis St
133Willow Oak
134Wilson Ave
135Winona St
136Woodlawn Dr