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List of Street Names with maps in Italy, Texas

#Street Name
1Airport Rd
2Arthur Ln
3Avalon Rd
4Avalon St
5Batte Rd
6Bee Creek Rd
7Bee Creek School House Rd
8Bee Creek School Rd
9Bell Branch Rd
10Bell Chapel Rd
11Berry Rd
12Blank Ranch Rd
13Blanton Rd
14Brannon Rd
15Bunky Ln
16Carolyn Rd
17Carter Dr
18Chad St
19Chambers Dr
20Cherie St
21Clark St
22College St
23Connie St
24Couch Ave
25Couch St
26County Rd
27County Rd
28County Road 4369
29County Road 4433
30Cowen Rd
31Crow Rd
32Dale Evans Dr
35Davenport St
36Derr's Chapel Rd
37Derrs Chapel Dr
38Dianna Lynn Rd
40 Dome Park Pl
41Dove Rd
42Duke Rd
43Farm To Market Road 1134
44Farrow St
45Finn Rd
46Fm 667
47Genoa Ln
48George Scott Blvd
49George Scott St
50Hamrock Rd
51Hardeman St
52Harpold St
53Harris Rd
54Harris St
55Harvey Rd
56Hooser Rd
57Hope St
58Howe Cir
59Hughes Cemetery Rd
60Hyles St
61I35 E Frontage Rd
62Jack Eastham Rd
63Jenning St
64Joanna Ln
65Joe Rd
66Joe's Rd
67John Davis Rd
68Judys Ln
69Katy St
70Kin Folk Ln
71L R Campbell Rd
72Lee Rd
73Lowell Rd
74Loyd St
75Majors Rd
76Marble Ln
77Mc Connell Rd
78Mcconnall St
79Mcconnel Rd
80 Milan St
81Morgan Rd
82N Couch St
83N County Road 3413
84N Ward St
85Nellie Bell Ln
86Old Barn Rd
87Parker Ave
88Poplar St
89Price St
90Rankin St
91Rhonda St
93Ridge St
94Riojas St
95Roljas Rd
96Rollins Rd
97Rosson Rd
98S Couch St
99S Ward St
100San Jacinto St
101Scheld Rd
102Seay Rd
103Sherry Ln
104Shorty Ln
105Simms St
106Sims St
107Southwinds Rd
108Taylor St
109Tees Rd
110Tight Wad Rd
111Tightwad Rd
112Travis St
113Upchurch Rd
114Valley Rd
115Vantage Rd
116Venice Dr
117W Chambers Dr
118W Dilworth Rd
119W Travis St
120Waco St
122Weir St
123Whiskers Rd
124White Rock Rd
125White St
126Windam St
127Winham Rd
128Witten Rd
129Wood St
130Wray Rd
131Young St