List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Levelland, Texas

#Street Name
110th St
211th St
312th St
413th St
514th St
615th St
716th St
817th St
918th St
101st St
1120th St
122nd St
133rd St
144th St
155 Mile Rd
166th St
178th St
189th St
19A&m Ln
20Abe St
21Adobe Rd
22Alamo Rd
23Alaska Rd
25Amanda Cir
26America Rd
27Angle Iron
28Aransas Ave
29Arizona Rd
32Ash Ave
33Atlanta Rd
35Automation Rd
36Ave A
37Ave B
38Ave C
39Ave D
40 Ave F
41Ave G
42Ave H
43Ave I
44Ave J
45Ave K
46Ave L
47Ave M
48Ave P
49Ave Q
50Ave T
51Ave U
52Ave V
53Ave X
54Ave Y
55Avenue E
56Avenue I Pl
57Avenue N
58Avenue S
59Badger Ave
60Barnes Dr
61Battery Rd
62Baylor Ln
64Beaver Rd
65Beech Cir
66Beechwood Dr
67Belvedere Rd
68Birch Ave
70Black Gold Rd
71Blue Jay
72Bluebonnet St
73Bobby St
76Booker Rd
77Boston Rd
78Bowie Ln
79Brazil Rd
80 Brentwood Dr
81Brookhollow Ln
82Brownlee Ave
84Buffalo Dr
85Bull Rd
86Butch St
87C M Sanders Dr
88Cactus Dr
89Caliche Ln
91Canada Rd
92Capitol Ave
93Cardinal St
94Caribou Ln
95Cedar Ave
96Chalk Hill Ln
98Cherry St
99Cheyenne Rd
100Chow Chow
101Clubview Dr
102College Ave
103Cotton St
104Cottonwood Ln
105Cougar Ln
106Country Club Ln
107County Rd
108Coyote Rd
109Crestview Dr
110Crockett Cir
111Crows Nest
112Cypress St
113Darrell St
114Deer Rd
115Delaware Rd
116Denmark Rd
117Denver Ave
118Denver St
119Detroit Ave
120Detroit Dr
121Dogwood Ln
122Double U Dr
123Douglas St
125Driftwood Dr
126Driftwood Ln
127Drill Stem
128Duval Dr
129E Adams St
130E Ellis St
131E Jackson St
132E Jefferson St
133E Monroe St
134E Washington St
135Eagle Ave
136Eastland Ave
137Elgin Ave
139Ellis St
140Elm St
141England Rd
142Equalizer Rd
143Evening Tower Rd
144Fannin Ave
145Farm To Market 1490
146Farm To Market Road 2306
147Farm-to-market 2641
148Flint Ave
149Flint Dr
150Florida Rd
151Flowline Rd
152Fm 300
153France Rd
155Georgia Rd
157Grubstake Rd
159Gusher Rd
161H Moreland Rd
162Hall Ave
163Hard Hat Rd
164Hartford Rd
165Harvard Dr
166Hawaii Rd
167Hicks Pl
168Hill Cir
169Holland Rd
170Holly Cir
171Holly St
172Horseshoe Rd
173House Ave
174Hwy 114
175Hwy 114 Business
176Hwy 114 Estates Rd
177India Rd
178Indiana Ave
179Indianapolis Rd
180Ironman Rd
181Ironsman Rd
182J V Morton Dr
184Jamaica Rd
185Jefferson St
186John Dupre Dr
187Joliet Ave
189Justin Rd
190Kelly Rd
191Kenya Rd
192Kewanee Ave
193Koala Rd
194L C Kerney Dr
195Lamar W Dr
197Lee St
200Lincoln Rd
201Linda Ln
203Lobo Ave
204Lobo Dr
205Longhorn Dr
206Lucile Ave
208Madison Rd
209Magnolia St
210Maize Rd
211Maple St
212Martin Luther King Jr
213Maverick Rd
214Mc Kinley St
215Mcham Dr
216Mckinley St
217Mexico Rd
218Michael St
219Mike St
220Mockingbird Ln
221Monaco Rd
222Mouzon Ln
223Mustang Dr
224N Alamo Rd
225N Ave H
226N Ave K
227N Ave M
228N Ave Q
229N Cedar Ave
230N College Ave
231N Elgin
232N Farm To Market Road 303
233N Sherman Ave
234N State Road 2646
235N State Road 303
238Northwest Ave
239Oak St
240Olympia Rd
242Parkwood Ln
243Pat St
244Paxton Pl
245Peach St
246Pecan St
247Peggy Dr
248Pep Rd
250Pine St
252Poplar St
254Rayburn St
255Redwood Ln
256Reed Ave
257Rice Dr
258Richmond Rd
259Rip St
260Robert Lee St
261Robin Rd
262Rose Ave
263Roughneck Rd
264S Alamo Rd
265S Barton Ln
266S College Ave
267S Farm To Market Road 303
268S Fm 2646
269S Fm 3261
270S Opdyke Gin Rd
271S State Road 3261
272Sampson Post Rd
273San Jacinto Ave
274Sandalwood Ln
275Sanders Dr - South Plains Junior College
276Santa Fe St
277Sherman Ave
278Spade Farms Rd
280St Phillips
281Sunrise Ln
282Swissy St
283Tanglewood Ln
284Tech Dr
285Texas Ave
286Tim St
287Topeka Ave
288Travis St
289Truman Ave
290Unit Base
291Usa Rd
293Veretta Rd
294Veretto Rd
295Verne Beebe Dr
296Viola Ave
297W 8th St
298W Adams St
299W Austin St
300W Ellis St
301W Fm 300
302W Houston
303W Houston St
304W Jackson St
305W Jefferson St
306W Monroe St
307W State Road 300
308W State Road 597
309W Washington St
310Walnut St
311West Ave
312Wheat St
313Wildcat Rd
314Willow Cir
315Willow Wood Ln
316Wilson St
317Wood Cir
318Yale Dr