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List of Street Names with maps in Merkel, Texas

#Street Name
112 Mile Rd
2Avondale St
4Bird Rd
5Bowie Ct
6Brickhaven St
7Bull Wagon Rd
8Burnett Dr
9Carson Cir
10Carson Creek
11Cedar Hills Rd
12Country Club Dr
13County Road 283
14County Road 284
15County Road 292
16County Road 304
17County Road 305
18County Road 342
19County Road 344
20County Road 345
21County Road 352
22County Road 353
23County Road 355
24County Road 356
25County Road 360
26County Road 378
27County Road 379
28County Road 385
29County Road 386
30County Road 387
31County Road 391
32County Road 392
33County Road 396
34County Road 399
35County Road 500
36County Road 613
37County Road 644
38County Road 646
39County Road 674
40 County Road 679
41County Road 682
42County Road 697
43County Road 699
44County Road 700
45County Road 701
46County Road 702
47Derstine Rd
48Edwards St
49El Paso St
50Fm 707
51Haynes St
52Heath St
53Heritage Dr
54Herring St
55High Cotton Pkwy
56Humphreys Village
57Hwy 39
58Interstate 20 Ac
59Kings Addition Rd
60Lamar St
61Lois St
62Manchester St
63Marion St
64Martin St
65Mulberry Rd
66Mystic Dr
67N Ash St
68N Cherry St
69Orange St
70Palmer Cir
71Pioneer Ct
72Pioneer St
73Pleasant View Dr
74Pvt Road 438
75Rollins St
76Ron Cir
77Rose St
78Runnels St
79S 8th
80 S Ash St
81S Cherry St
82Stewart St
83Sunday Dr
84Sunset St
85Tally Dr
86Taylor St
87Terry Ln
88Thornton St
89Tim Blvd
90Trundy St
91Twin County Rd
92Twin County Rd
93W Bronco Dr
94W Bronco Estates
96Wimberly Rd
97Yucca St