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List of Street Names with maps in Plains, Texas

#Street Name
110th St
211th St
312th St
413th St
514th St
615th St
716th St
817 Th St
917th St
104th St
117th St
128th St
139th St
14Ashburn Pavement
15Ave A
16Ave B
17Ave C
18Ave D
19Ave F
20Ave G
21Ave H
22Ave J
23Ave K
24Ave L
25Ave M
26Ave O
27Avenue E
28Avenue N
29Aver K..
30Beanes Pl
31Copeland Ave
32County Road 145
33Cowboy Way
34Ellison Pl
35Elm Pl
36Ferrel Ave
37Moreland St
38Old Lovington Rd
39Poplar Ave
40 Shannon Cir