List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Burkeville, Virginia

#Street Name
11st Street
2Agnew Street
3Atwood Street
4B C Bourne Road
5Barton Lane
6Bell Street
7Bob White Road
8Burkes Tavern Road
9Cary Shop Road
10Cauthorn Street
11Cauthorne Street
12County Road 607
13County Road 610
14County Road 611
15County Road 616
16County Road 621
17County Road 622
18County Road 629
19County Road 641
20County Road 697
21County Road 707
22County Road 713
23County Road 714
24Crepe Myrtle Road
25Deems Street
26Deerfield Acres Drive
27Dimmick Street
28Dogwood Road
29Dutchtown Road
30Flippen Road
31Ford Lane
32Forest Drive
33Forrest Drive
34Goodwin Lake Road
35Grape Lawn Road
36Gully Tavern Lane
37Gum Street
38Hancock Road
39Harper Road
40 Harris Spring Road
41Holly Farm Road
42Holly Farms Road
43Inverness Street
44Jackson Village Drive
45Johns Lane
46Jones-irby Road
47Knott Hill Street
48Lewiston Plank Road
49Luck Stone Drive
50Mc Cahan Street
51Mccahan Street
52Mclean Street
53Miller Hill Road
54Miller Street
55Morning Star Road
56Morrissetts Mill Road
57Namozine Street
58North Branch Forest Road
59North Genito Road
60Oak Street
61Old Morissetts Mill Road
62Old Plank Road
63Old Pulliam Road
64Old School House Road
65Pine Road
66Piney Run Lane
67Plank Road
68Plum Street
69Power Plant Road
70Prince Edward Highway
71Raccoon Crossing Road
72Residence Drive
73Road 628
74Road 635
75Road 697
76Road 707
77Simmons Street
78South Genito Road
79South Genito Road
80 State Route 620
81State Route 621
82State Route 622
83State Route 624
84State Route 628
85State Route 629
86State Route 649
87State Route 651
88State Route 657
89State Route 663
90State Route 672
91State Route 677
92State Route 691
93State Route 714
94State Route 716
95State Route 723
96State Route 724
97State Route 756
98State Route 9299
99State Route 9694
100State Route T-716
101State Route T-718
102Stony Knoll Forest Road
103Sunny Slope Orchard
104U.s. 360 Business
105Virginia 307
106Virginia 323
107Virginia 616
108Welch Road
109West Colonial Trail Highway