List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Halifax, Virginia

#Street Name
175 Vds
2Abbott Hill Road
3Academy Street
4Archer Trail
5Asbury Church Road
6Ash Street
7Avondale Drive
8Back Street
9Ball Park Loop
10Ballou Trail
11Banister Road
12Barksdale Drive
13Belle Terry Lane
14Bellevue Road
15Bench Lane
16Bessie Marion Trail
17Bethel Road
18Billys Lane
19Blue Ridge Lane
20Booker Trail
21Bostick Trail
22Boxwood Trail
23Bradley Road
24Bradley Trail
25Brook Run
26Buena Vista Drive
27Burns Trail
28Burton Road
29Burton Trail
30Canterbury Drive
31Carolyn Court
32Carpenter Lane
33Carr Lane
34Carter's Lane
35Cary Street
36Cedar Fork Road
37Cedar Lane
38Cemetery Street
39Chaffin Trail
40 Chaney Lane
41Charles Lane
42Charlie Brown Lane
43Chatham Road
44Cherry Wood Drive
45Chestnut Creek Road
46Church Street
47Circle C Lane
48Clays Mill Road
49Cliborne Trail
50Coates Trail
51Cornick Lane
52Cowford Road
53Craddock Street
54Crawford Road
55Crowder Trail
56Crystal Hill Road
57Dan River Church Road
58Dana Court
59Daniels Trail
60Dave Ford Trail
61David Street
62Davis Lane
63Deer Ridge Trail
64Deer Run Road
65Donna Court
66Doug's Trail
67Duck Trail
68Dudley Road
69Easley Lane
70East Oak Hill Drive
71Edgewood Drive
72Edmunds Boulevard
73Elam Street
74Evergreen Trail
75Flashback Street
76Fordland Drive
77Fox Lane
78Gatha's Trail
79Golf Course Road
80 Green Street
81Greens Folly Road
82Greenway Lane
83Grubby Road
84Halifax Road
85Hall's Trail
86Harding Street
87Hedderly Street
88Hedgerow Drive
89Height Trail
90Henderson Trail
91Hendricks Road
92Henry Bennet Lane
93High View Road
94Highland Hills Drive
95Holland Drive
96Holly Court
97Houston Street
98Howard P Anderson Road
99Hundley Road
100Hunt Lane
101Hylton Lane
102Jackson Street
103Jake Mills Trail
104James D Hagood Highway
105James Trail
106Joe Jackson Trail
107John Brook Trail
108John Trail
109Jones Store Lane
110K-fork Loop
111Kennon Lane
112King Village Trail
113L P Bailey Memorial Highway
114Lakeshore Drive
115Lakeside Drive
116Laura Court
117Leighwood Trail
118Liberty Road
119Library Lane
120Little Creek Lane
121Little Road Lane
122Love Shop Lane
123Love Shop Road
124Lowell's Woods Trail
125Maple Avenue
126Marion's Trail
127Martins Ferry Road
128Mary Bethune Street
129Mcgregor Trail
130Mckendree Church Road
131Meadow Drive
132Meadville Road
133Mimosa Drive
134Montgomery Lane
135Moore Avenue
136Morris Lane
137Morton Lane
138Murphy Grove Road
139Myers Road
140Newbill School Road
141North Main Street
142North Terry's Bridge Road
143Oak Lane
144Oak Level Road
145Occoneechee Trail
146Old Cedar Trail
147Old Mill Road
148Park Lane
149Patterson Lane
150Paul James Road
151Periwinkle Point
152Pine Haven Trail
153Pine Height Trail
154Pine Road
155Pine Trail
156Pleasant Grove Road
157Poplar Lane
158Prizery Street
159Quail Lane
160Ragland Loop
161Rawlings Trail
162Red Clay Road
163Red Oak Place
164Richard's Trail
165Ridge Road
166River Road
167Roberts Trail
168Round Hill Road
169Salishan Drive
170Sedge Hill Road
171Sedge Hill Trail
172Short Street
173Sinai Elementary Drive
174Sinai Road
175Snead Lane
176South Main Street
177Spencer Lane
178Springwood Drive
179State Route 1121
180State Route 1301
181State Route 1302
182State Route 1303
183State Route 1308
184State Route 1320
185State Route 1321
186State Route 1322
187State Route 1323
188State Route 1324
189State Route 1349
190State Route 1501
191State Route 1502
192State Route 609
193State Route 610
194State Route 611
195State Route 613
196State Route 614
197State Route 615
198State Route 621
199State Route 626
200State Route 642
201State Route 643
202State Route 651
203State Route 652
204State Route 653
205State Route 654
206State Route 659
207State Route 671
208State Route 676
209State Route 677
210State Route 678
211State Route 679
212State Route 680
213State Route 681
214State Route 683
215State Route 716
216State Route 729
217State Route 755
218State Route 760
219State Route 783
220State Route 790
221State Route 791
222State Route 793
223State Route 802
224State Route 804
225State Route 812
226State Route 813
227State Route 814
228State Route 826
229State Route 831
230State Route 832
231State Route 837
232State Route 840
233State Route 842
234State Route 867
235State Route 880
236State Route 883
237State Route 891
238State Route 892
239State Route 893
240State Route 900
241State Route 901
242State Route 918
243State Route 934
244State Route 937
245State Route 980
246State Route T-1101
247State Route T-1102
248State Route T-1103
249State Route T-1104
250State Route T-1105
251State Route T-1106
252State Route T-1107
253State Route T-1108
254State Route T-1109
255State Route T-1110
256State Route T-1111
257State Route T-1112
258State Route T-1113
259State Route T-1114
260State Route T-1115
261State Route T-1116
262State Route T-1117
263State Route T-1119
264State Route T-1120
265Stevens Lane
266Stovall Trail
267Sunnybrook Lane
268Sunset Lane
269Sunshine Drive
270Swain Road
271Sweeney Trail
272Talley Loop Trail
273Trinity Trail
274Turkey Run Road
275U.s. 501
276Union Church Road
277Union Grove Road
278Venable Trail
279Virginia 360
280Virginia 57
281Weatherford Drive
282Weatherford Loop Road
283Webb Street
284West Oak Hill Drive
285West Store Road
286White Oak Trail
287Wild Turkey Run
288William Chism Lane
289Williams Trail
290Willie Moore Trail
291Winn's Creek Road
292Wolf Trap Road
293Woodbourne Road
294Woodgrove Trail
295Wooding Trail
296Woodstump Trail
297Woodview Road
298Younger Road