List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Kinsale, Virginia

#Street Name
1Allen Point Lane
2Alphabet Road
3Arlington Farm Road
4Bancton Road
5Bank Street
6Bonum Point Lane
7Bonums Road
8Brook Avenue
9Brou Court
10Browns Cove Road
11Carmel Road
12Cat Nap Lane
13Cove Circle
14Cove Lane
15Davis Drive
16Dinks Mill Road
17Easter Street
18Fern Lane
19Fish-brax Lane
20Gardys Mill Road
21Gordon Road
22Great House Road
23Halbrook Lane
24Heston Way
25Holly Circle
26Hood Road
27Hook Road
28Jackson Creek Road
29Jackson Lane
30Jackson Road
31Johnson Lane
32Kelly Road
33Kelly Road
34Kinsale Bridge Road
35Kinsale Creek Road
36Kinsale Road
37Lee Circle Street
38Levelgreen Drive
39Long Street
40 Lynch Point Road
41Marina Drive
42Murphy's Mill Lane
43Noel Drive
44Old Yeocomico Road
45Oldhams Road
46Parker Drive
47Peckatone Road
48Pier Place
49Pine Lane
50Plainview Road
51Pleasant View Drive
52Point Lane
53Pretty Point Road
54Riverview Lane
55Rosa Bran Road
56Rosa Brann Road
57Rose Tucker Road
58Sandy Point Road
59Sanford Drive
60Shore Lane
61Sigourney Drive
62Skipjack Road
63Spences Point Road
64Springfield Beach Road
65State Route 1001
66State Route 1002
67State Route 1003
68State Route 1004
69State Route 1005
70State Route 1006
71State Route 1007
72State Route 1402
73State Route 1403
74State Route 1404
75State Route 1410
76State Route 604
77State Route 605
78State Route 606
79State Route 607
80 State Route 608
81State Route 610
82State Route 611
83State Route 661
84State Route 663
85State Route 670
86State Route 671
87State Route 704
88State Route 714
89State Route 715
90State Route 716
91State Route 718
92State Route 725
93State Route 727
94State Route 729
95State Route 731
96State Route 732
97State Route 744
98State Route 746
99State Route 747
100State Route 748
101State Route 749
102State Route 752
103State Route 753
104State Route 762
105State Route 763
106Steamboat Landing
107Sumter Drive
108Susan Lane
109Thornton Road
110Tucker Hill Road
111Virginia 202
112Virginia 203
113Washington Circle
114Waughtel Drive
115White Point Road
116Wigwam Road
117Wilson Drive
118Windsong Drive
119Woods Road
120Yeocomico Lane