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List of Street Names with maps in Troutville, Virginia

#Street Name
15 Moons Drive
2Andrew Drive
3Angel Drive
4Anthony Lane
5Antler Lane
6Apple Orchard Lane
7Arbor Lane
8Asbury Lane
9Autumn Lane
10Autumnwood Lane
11Barron Drive
12Beachview Lane
13Beagle Trail
14Berkley Court
15Black Hill Lane
16Blackberry Lane
17Blacksburg Road
18Blossom Lane
19Boone Drive
20Brickey Hill Road
21Brunswick Forge Road
22Carriage Lane
23Catawba Acres Lane
24Chadwick Drive
25Charolais Circle
26Chasewood Lane - George Washington National Forest
27Cherokee Lane
28Church Avenue
29Coachman Place
30Colonial Court
31Conner Lane
32Country Club Road
33Country View Drive
34Country View Lane
35Cox Road
36Craighead Drive
37Cricket Lane
38Daisy Drive
39Dakota Lane
40 Dale Road
41Darby Road
42Dawnridge Lane
43Deerfield Road
44Delbert Road
45Derek Drive
46Dogwood Lane
47Dominion Road
48Dooley Lane
49East Arrowhead Court
50Edgewood Drive
51Emerald Lake Drive
52Estates Circle
53Etzler Road
54Fairfield Lane
55Foal Lane
56Forest Road
57Game Trail
58Glendale Court
59Gloucester Court
60Golden Drive
61Grandview Drive
62Gravelly Ridge Road
63Grimes Lane
64Haymakertown Road
65Heather Lane
66High Ridge Circle
67Hillandale Drive
68Hogan Hollow Road
69Homestead Circle
70Houston Mines Road
71Humbert Road
72Hunters Trail
73Jamison Farm Lane
74Kasey Lane
75Knollwood Drive
76Lacey Lane
77Lake Road
78Lakeland Circle
79Lakeridge Circle
80 Lakeview Road
81Laurel Lane
82Leatherneck Road
83Lemon Lane
84Little Valley Drive
85Lula Drive
86Manchester Court
87Maple Avenue
88Misty Hills Lane
89Montana Drive
90Moomaw Drive
91Mooses Hollow Road
92Moran Farm Lane
93Motts Hill Lane
94Mountain Avenue
95Mountain Pass Road
96Mountain Pass Road
97Mountain Trail Road
98Mountain View Road
99Murray Drive
100Nora Valley Drive
101Normans Lane
102North Oakwood Road
103Oak Lane
104Oak Road
105Oakway Court
106Old Barn Road
107Old Homeplace Lane
108Old Mine Road
109Old Sessler Mill Road
110Ollies Lane - George Washington National Forest
111Orange Lane
112Ottaway Road
113Palmer Trail
114Parker Hill Lane
115Pine Bluff Drive
116Pineway Lane
117Quail Lane
118Rader Barn Road
119Rader Road
120Rhodes Lane
121Ridge Creek Lane
122Ridgeway Circle
123Ridgeway Drive
124Ridgewood Drive
125Roberson Lane
126Rocky Mountain Drive
127Rocky Top Road
128Rollingwood Court
129Roy Road
130Royce Road
131Saint Clair Lane - George Washington National Forest
132Salt Pond Road
133School Drive
134Shady Lane
135Shawnee Trail
136Shawnee Trail
137Sidney Lane
138Smokey Hollow
139Smorgon Way - George Washington National Forest
140Sommersby Lane
141South Oakwood Road
142Sowder Farm Road
143Spring Hollow Road
144Springview Court
145State Route 1101
146State Route 1102
147State Route 1125
148State Route 1449
149State Route 651
150State Route 652
151State Route 711
152State Route 755
153State Route 757
154State Route 791
155State Route T-716
156Stephens Drive
157Stevens Road
158Stonelea Drive
159Stoney Battery Road
160Summit Court
161Summit Lane
162Sunnydale Court
163Sunset Court
164Sunset Hill Lane
165Taylor Lane
166Thomas Lane
167Thomas Lane
168Thoroughbred Road
169Timber Creek Lane
170Tree House Lane
171Trinity Road
172Tugel Drive
173Twin Oak Drive
174Twin Oaks Court
175Valley Road - George Washington National Forest
176Victoria Drive
177Villa Court
178Virginia 779
179Walnut Ridge Road
180Webb Lane
181Welches Run Road
182West Arrowhead Court
183Westview Road
184Westwood Court
185White Pine Lane
186Wilderness Lane
187Williams Farm Road
188Willow Spring Road
189Winesap Way
190Wood Lane
191Woodridge Road
192Wyndermere Drive
193Yorktown Road